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The Cecil Soil Conservation District hosted their 64th Annual Cooperator’s Dinner on November 20, 2009. Bill and Freda Fell were honored the 2009 Outstanding Cooperator of the Year.

The Fells have always been very progressive farmers and this is evident by the history of conservation on their farm. The farm features a variety of practices such as contoured strips, grassed waterways, stream bank fencing, diversions, cattle waterers, heavy use area, critical area seeding, and grassed terraces. The original dairy agricultural waste storage structure was installed in the early 70's as an earthen structure. This was replaced with an extensive waste management system including a concrete collection tank, transfer pump, a large HDPE liner manure structure, a concrete feed lot, heavy use area, roof runoff management system on all the barns and a grassed water treatment swale. The newest practice installed is a shallow water development and management pond.

The Fell's have expanded their base of farmland and added a variety of BMP's to these new fields over the years. This conservation family has always sought innovation and made conservation a valuable part of the management plan.

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