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Reisler Family's - Richland Farm

The Cecil Soil Conservation District honored Richland Farm as our 2015 Cooperator of the year at the 70th Annual Cooperator's Banquet on January 15, 2016.

The David Reisler Sr. and David Reisler Jr. families reside in Calvert Maryland and operate Richland Farm as a crop and beef operation. The farm has a long history of conservation practices dating back to 1946. More recent practices include Maryland’s first cattle feeding and waste storage facility with component practices of heavy use area protection, filter strip, roof runoff, waste storage and fencing to create an enhanced pasture management system. The farm has protected wetland and wildlife habitat, and a shallow water wildlife area which compliments the contoured strip cropping system and prescribed grazing. The Reisler’s farm has recently been certified under the Farm Stewardship Certification and Assessment Program by the Maryland Association of Conservation Districts.     

The Cecil Soil Conservation District proudly honors Richland Farm for steadfast commitment to conservation and deployment of best management practices. Please enjoy the video to learn about the diversity of practices on Richland Farm.

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