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Purpose / Objective:

Erosion and Sediment Control Best Management Practices (BMPs) are used to manage Sediment and Stormwater related water quality problems that are often created during land development. As the original ground cover of a site is disturbed  and removed, the runoff characteristics  of a site are modified. This disturbance will increase the velocity and volume of runoff that has the potential to leave the site while carrying sediment with it. This sediment has the capability to affect human life by filling drainage channels, culverts, navigable channels as well as municipal and industrial water supply reservoirs. Many animal species are affected as well. Fish dependent on bottom organisms for food or plant life for refuge are threatened by sediment laden habitat. The reduction of sunlight from suspended sediment impairs Sub-aquatic Vegetation from photosynthesizing and may reduce oxygen levels in the water to a point where aquatic life cannot survive. 

CSCD Plan Review Process:

The process for review of Erosion and Sediment Control plans is dependent upon which stormwater management review process is applicable to a project.  Prior to submitting erosion and sediment control plans for review to the District, please contact the Department of Land Use & Development Services to determine the applicability of Environmental Site Design. 

The Stormwater Management Act (Act) of 2007 defines Environmental Site Design (ESD) as “using small scale stormwater management practices, nonstructural techniques, and site planning to mimic natural hydrologic runoff characteristics and minimize the impact of land development on water resources.”  ESD emphasizes conserving natural features, drainage patterns, and vegetation; minimizing impervious surfaces; slowing down runoff; and increasing infiltration.   The changes necessary to implement the Act are significant and require consideration of runoff control from the start of the land development process.

As a result of the Act, the design and review of erosion and sediment control and Stormwater management plans must be integrated.  In addition, erosion and sediment control needs to be considered from the beginning planning stages.

Please be advised if plans are dropped off after 2:30 pm the packet will not be checked in until the next business day.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

All Erosion and Sediment Control Plans should be submitted for review and approval to the following address:

Cecil Soil Conservation District

105 Chesapeake Blvd. Suite B-3

Elkton, MD 21921

Phone: (410) 398-4411, ext 3

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"Green Card Training"

The Maryland Department of Environment provides online training for individuals acting as the "Responsible Person" tasked with implementing and maintaining erosion and sediment controls on the job site as required by State Law. 



If you have any questions or comments regarding Erosion and Sediment Control please contact the Cecil Soil Conservation District at 410-398-4411 x 3 or by the links below:

Mari McNinch – Soil Conservationist

Ryan Fisher - Soil Conservationist

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