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LEAD Maryland Program Welcomes Class XIII for 2024/2025
The District's staff member, 
MDA Engineering Technician, Jessica Zebley
was excepted into the program.   


About the LEAD Fellowship Program

The LEAD Program seeks applicants, age 21 or older, with career, service, or interest in: production agriculture, natural resources, the environment and conservation, food (processing, sourcing, distribution, marketing, safety), rural communities and development, business, communications, education, government, science and technology, finance, and much more. Fellowships provide:

  • Public Issues Education (PIE);

  • Personal growth and leadership development opportunities;

  • Communications and problem-solving skills training;

  • Support, direction, and resources to help emerging leaders succeed in serving agricultural, natural resources, and rural community sectors;

  • Opportunities to learn more about Maryland and to meet leaders from throughout the state.

Over the course of two years, LEAD program curriculum delivers lessons through a series of 9 multi-day seminars, as well as participation in an international study tour.

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