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 Dirk and Bethany Meulenberg

The Meulenberg farm is located outside of Rising Sun between Post Road and Principio Road.  The property features prime topsoil on rolling hills,  contoured fields and mature forests.

Dirk grew up in the Province of Zeeland in the region of South Beveland in Holland.  Dirk and Bethany met in London and were married in 1976.  They operated a dairy farm in Holland for 5 years before they moved to the United States to live.  Dirk worked as a herdsman on large farms in Mt. Joy and Peach Bottom Pennsylvania. 

In 1984 Dirk and Bethany took over Bethany’s parents’ farm.  They started out with 17 cows.  Dirk raised his own replacement stock while focusing on his costs.  Dirk says the conservative approach to live within your means and to farm with good soil contributed to his success.  The farm consists of 130 acres and an additional 154 acres rented.  This includes a crop rotation with corn, soybeans, alfalfa grass hay and small grains.

The Meulenbergs remain eternally optimistic and have taken steps to enhance the efficiency of the farms.  The new cow barn was installed in 2002.  A variety of best management practices have been installed.  Waste System Management, rain gutters, fencing, waster transfer facility, grassed waterways, no-till planting to minimize erosion and reduce costs, contour planting and crop rotation, prescribed grazing, pressure troughs,  riparian forest buffer.

Dirk and his family attribute their achievements to the Lord’s gracious blessing on them and their farm.  

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