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This remarkable couple have worked hard to sustain a successful farm operation while facing a variety of challenges. A commitment to conservation has always been evident following decades of improvements to the lands farmed. The operation once included hogs and beef cattle and now involves grain farming on 567 acres. Tom also conducts custom spraying and litter spreading services.

Tom began working with the District in 1970 to create drainage ditches in his Warwick community. He strives to educate others today concerning the importance of maintaining their community drainage system. This farm operation includes various best management practices including grassed waterways, grade stabilization structures, diversions, field borders, and riparian tree buffers. The family utilizes consulting services ranging from Nutrient Management, Pest Scouting, to Litter Spreader calibration. A combination of No-till planting, Vertical tillage and Residue management in addition to Cover Crops have proven very successful for this operation.

Tom states “The conservation practices implemented over the years have improved our operation while protecting our natural resources. Treat waterways with respect and they will last over 30 years.”

Doris has served as an Intensive Care Unit nurse in the Army Reserves for 15 years. Doris feels that the tree buffer added in 2001 under the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program was the first thing on the farm that was hers. She enjoys her time at home maintaining the tree planting and peacefulness of Maple View Farms.

We congratulate Doris & Tom for their continued dedication toward conservation and enriching our community.

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