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The Cecil Soil Conservation District hosted their 69th Annual Cooperator’s Banquet on January 16, 2015.   The Outstanding Cooperator of the year honors were presented to Edgar "Duty" Hevelow.

The Hevelow hundred and sixty acre grain farm is located in Warwick, Maryland.  Edgar “Duty” Hevelow has demonstrated commitment to agricultural preservation, implementing sound management techniques, and the installation of a variety of best management practices on both rented lands and on his own farm.  In the early 1990s, Duty, along with landowner Woodland Hurtt, was the first farmer in the Delmarva region to complete a series of four water and sediment control basins or WASCOBs, which still are functioning today.  Annual implementation of a number of agronomic conservation practices including crop rotation, nutrient management, no-till residue management, and integrated pest management are employed furthering Duty’s commitment to conservation.   

The Cecil Soil Conservation District proudly honors Edgar “Duty” Hevelow for his steadfast commitment to conservation and deployment of best management practices. Please enjoy the video to learn about the diversity of practices on the Hevelow farm.

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