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The Cecil Soil Conservation District hosted their 67th Annual Cooperator’s Dinner on January 10, 2013.   The Outstanding Cooperator of the year honors were presented to Paul Raech.

Paul makes his home on Salem Farm, located in the Southern part of the County and is bordered by the headwaters of Pond Creek.  the farm has been maintained to keep wildlife plentiful and to manage soil erosion.  Throughout the years, Paul has installed many best management practices to help reduce soil loss.  Paul served on the District Board from 1983 through 2012, promoting the County's education for Soil Conservation.  Paul and the District have received many top honors while serving on the District Board.  Paul continues to value the importance of the County's Natural Resources and enjoys spending time with the family on the farm.

Please enjoy this video honoring Paul Raech as the 2012 Cooperator of the Year.

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