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Bill and Phyllis Kilby

The Cecil Soil Conservation District hosted their 66th Annual Cooperator’s Dinner on January 12, 2012.   The Outstanding Cooperator of the year honors were presented to Bill and Phyllis Kilby.

The Bill and Phyllis Kilby family have been Progressive Conservation Farmers for many years and continue to integrate innovation and conservation into the operations and expansion of the family dairy farm. Bill and Phyllis have worked tirelessly using technology and a pioneering spirit to expand their dairy production with on farm processing/marketing to provide for their growing family's future. They are dedicated to the conservation, preservation and sustainability of their family farm in Colora. The expansion of their waste storage system combined with roof runoff management and a methane digester has made significant improvements to their CAFO.

Please enjoy the video to learn about the diversity of practices on this family dairy farm.

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