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The Cecil Soil Conservation District hosted their 65th Annual Cooperator’s Dinner on November 19, 2010.   The Outstanding Cooperator of the year honors were presented to the Farrow Families of Holly Hill Farms.

Holly Hill Farms is a family owned wholesale nursery that is located in Earleville MD.  The Farrows strive to produce exceptional quality plants while providing outstanding customer service.  The nursery has implemented a variety of conservation practices to protect their natural resources while the family business has grown over the past fifty years.  The nursery farm is currently operated by the third generation of their family.  The simplicity of one man’s dream has grown into an amazing success story as the third generation of family continues to expand and improve the family business. 

Please enjoy the video to learn more about this nursery and the work that goes into providing great plants with an environmentally based business plan.

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