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Emily Manlove

"Swan Harbor Farms"

The Cecil Soil Conservation District hosted their 63rd Annual Cooperator’s Dinner on November 21, 2008. Emily Manlove was honored the 2008 Outstanding Cooperator of the Year.

Six generations of Emily’s family have been involved in farming at Swan Harbor Farm. Emily has lived on and cared for the farm all of her life. The farm was protected from future development in 1995 through a permanent easement under the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation.

Best Management Practices were first installed on the farm in the 1950s. Grassed waterways, cover crop plantings, grade stabilization structures, filter strips and field borders, drain tiles, and other practices have been applied at Swan Harbor Farm, many under Emily’s supervision.

Emily Manlove has dedicated much time and energy to preserving the historical value of Swan Harbor Farm and shown a great commitment to conservation and protecting soil and water quality. 

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