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The Cecil Soil Conservation District will be hosting the 62nd Annual Cooperator’s Dinner on November 15, 2007.  Clarence W. Brown will be honored as the 2007 Outstanding Cooperator of the Year. 

Mr. Brown began farming as a young man who was innovative and always seeking ways to be more successful.  He traveled to College Park to hear a presentation by Hugh Bennett, the Father of Soil Conservation.  Mr. Brown returned home a changed man and immediately began to organize conservation demonstrations locally.  Clarence Brown was appointed as Cecil’s first supervisor by the State Soil Conservation Committee on March 2, 1945.  He was elected Treasurer of the Board and played a key role in forming the Cecil Soil Conservation District in June 1945. 

Mr. Brown has operated his own Lime and Fertilizer business from 1940 to the present.  He is a pioneer of conservation education and the history of nutrient management.  Mr. Brown has worked endlessly for over 70 years to encourage young farmers to seek the benefits of conservation.

Clarence Brown still resides on his 169 acre farm which he has managed under a Soil and Water Quality Conservation Plan since 1946.  The property has various best management practices including, diversions, ponds, contour strips, stream fencing, cattle waterers and grassed waterways.

Few people have ever worked harder to practice what they preach and Clarence W. Brown continues his legacy as an Outstanding Cooperator.

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