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James Yale, Jr.

The Cecil Soil Conservation District congratulates James Yale, Jr., of Mineral Springs Farm as the 2017 Outstanding Cooperator of the Year.


The Yale family obtained their first conservation plan in 1946 and began with contour strips, diversions, tile drainage and wildlife areas. Additional BMP’s added in 2016-2017 included a new waste storage structure, heavy use areas, roof runoff structures, storm water management systems, access roads, and stream fencing. The farm operates under an advanced nutrient management plan including manure injection and a dragline manure application to minimize soil compaction and protect soil health. James Yale has provided countless opportunities for young farmers looking to lease a farm to get started in agriculture. He continues to make conservation improvements through the NRCS EQIP and Maryland MACS programs. The Yale farm is preserved under the Maryland Rural Legacy Program. Mr. James Yale is committed to the sustainability of his family farm with the wise use and conservation of the natural resources.

The Cecil Soil Conservation District proudly recognizes James Yale, Jr., for steadfast commitment to conservation and deployment of best management practices.

Please enjoy the video to learn about the diversity of practices on James Yale's farm.

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