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Ordinary Point Farm

The Cecil Soil Conservation District congratulates Ordinary Point Farm, of Earleville as the 2018 Outstanding Cooperator of the Year.

The Cecil Soil Conservation District has worked closely with the Bayards for many years on a variety of projects. The Spry Brothers, who farm the property, utilize crop rotations, cover crops and no-till farming to promote healthy soils and protect the soil structure. 

The farm rests high above the Sassafras River with steep slopes and vertical cliffs. Due to these conditions and the highly erodible soils and elevation changes, ravines erode and head cut into the crop fields. To remedy this problem, grade stabilization structures have been installed under the Maryland Agricultural Cost Share Program. These structures, called pipe drops, have a grassed diversion installed to divert water away from the woods edge to the vertical riser pipe. The barrel then conveys the water along the slope to a rock-lined plunge pool, allowing the water to safely outlet into the existing stable channel bottom. Other best management practices installed on the property include grassed waterways, critical area plantings, and field borders.

The Cecil Soil Conservation District proudly recognizes Ordinary Point Farm, for steadfast commitment to conservation and deployment of best management practices.

Please enjoy the video to learn about the diversity of practices on Ordinary Point Farm.


Tel: (410) 398-4411


Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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